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To tell you the truth, when it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge one unimportant detail. But, a good LP is a being, it’s not a product. It has a life-force, a personality, and a history, just like you and me. It can be your friend. Try explaining that to a weasel.
(Iggy) Pop Music.
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I don’t know what pour-over is. I know what a comb-over is. I don’t know what single origin is. From what I understood in the sex ed classes of my youth, nothing originates from anything single. (Sorry, religious counselors and fathers of daughters.) Except amoebas. (That was in science class, not blush-inducing health and its desire-killing human anatomy illustrations.)
I Am Not A Coffee Drinker.
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Although studies repeatedly show voter fraud of the type Mr. Kobach targets to be extremely rare, he has not toned down his message. “We have had many, many cases of noncitizens registered to vote prior to our new law,” he said.

When pressed in a hearing in the State Legislature in January, however, Mr. Kobach said his office identified only 20 noncitizens who had registered before the new law, and just five who had actually voted.

Noncitizen Kane.
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Women stand at their entrances waiting for their cue. The panel rises when patrons put $10 in a machine — that sum goes to the house — and then pay an additional tip to the dancer, an amount negotiated beforehand. Most women will do a striptease for $20, and masturbate for $30.
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I think that Wallace and the Information Policy unit had two main objectives. First, it was to encourage a devout population to think that the Troubles had opened a door to ‘dark forces’ and to have them blame the paramilitaries by implication. The logic being: the ungodly paramilitaries caused the violence, the violence has encouraged all kinds of horrible things, ergo the devil, Satan and all that, although I don’t think that was ever going to fly. Second, there was the bonus of keeping people, especially teenagers and kids, off the streets at night.
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